A downloadable game for Windows

Plant a garden by murdering cauliflower monsters, twitch reflex style. When monsters get in range, press left or right to attack them. Missing makes you easier to hit, and you lose your combo.

Killing monsters lets you plant instant growing trees which give you 1 hit point back.

(Made in 48 hours for the LD34 compo for the theme "Growing" and "Two Button Controls")


superleftygardenfighty-ia32-win32.zip 40 MB


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A simple to learn gameplay with some super neat art - I like how your art skills developed from this point and how the style is still recognizable! :) I loved how fast it all escalated and got quite hectic. <3 A great little jam game, which I happily recommended in an article on our blog and also uploaded a short gameplay video for. :) Keep up the great work, Charlotte!

Best wishes,

Awesome, would love this even more on mobile

Same here, I'm really impressed that everything in this game was made in 48h ! Game design is very attractive. Bravo !


Seriously amazing job. Very rarely see a project with solid gameplay, art, music, and sound come out of a game jam. I'd say this even has commercial potential, but I'd cook it for another couple months just to see where it goes.

Thanks :)