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J'aime bien l'I.A de tes poules! Trés sympa pour un début de jeu!

Hi all. Can you please fill out this form for me to get back to you about prizes!



Love it, though I never seem to be able to finish it because chickens get stuck when they fall down at the bottom elevator


Yeah, really frustrating that! I don't know why I thought I'd tackle AI chickens in a game jam :)

wow, this was really good. what was this made with? where was art / music from etc?


Thanks :)

It's made with my own custom game engine (although Three.JS is buried in there somewhere!). The art, sound and music was made by me this weekend although some of the sound and background tiles were recycled from other projects. I normally do Ludum Dare competitions so I'm pretty used to churning out a load of art and stuff in a short space of time :)

Wow that is really impressive.. You do this professionally?

Sort of. I'm working full time on a game, but then once it's over I suspect I'll be back to doing web dev!